Missouri Health Care for All

How we plan to achieve our vision, and the people making it happen

Our Vision

We want to live in a world in which every person has access to affordable, high quality, affirming, and responsive health care, no matter where they live or how much money they make.

Specifically, we want to create a system of universal health care that provides comprehensive, holistic, and high quality care.

That care must be equitable, in that social identities do not determine the quality of care. We believe that this world we envision will provide everyone with more opportunities to thrive socially, economically, and emotionally. There will be more space and time for joy and understanding, and more meaningful engagement with family and community. Achieving this vision will improve health outcomes, increase personal freedom, reduce health and wealth disparities, and raise the quality of life for all of us.

Peope attend a rally in support of Medicaid expansion in the state of Missouri. Featured in the photo are two people holding signs and speaking.

Our Mission

Missouri Health Care for All is bringing together a community of passionate activists in our state to advocate for equitable health policies in Missouri, and to advance the broader movement for universal, single-payer health care in the United States.

We want to create a system of universal health care that provides comprehensive, holistic, and high quality care.

Pillars for a New Health Care System


One Integrated System

Everyone in the country should be automatically covered under the same health care system, including elected officials. If members of Congress are in the same program as the rest of us, they will be far less likely to damage it.


Freedom to Choose

Everyone should be able to seek and receive care from any doctor, hospital, or health care professional without worrying about whether the care will be covered by their insurance company.


No Cost Barriers to Care

Out-of-pocket costs for care – such as deductibles and copays – should be minimal or eliminated entirely for everyone. Anyone who can’t afford cost-sharing requirements, like copays or coinsurance, shouldn’t have to pay them. This includes health care services as well as prescription drugs and medical devices.


Economically Prudent

Everyone should pay their fair share to fund a system that ensures no one is denied care because of an inability to pay. There are different ways to publicly fund health care, but the bottom line is that families and businesses will see a net increase in their budgets from a publicly funded system.


Emphasis on Community Health and Equity

Health care systems work best when they focus on preventive care, community health, and epidemics. Programs need to meet the specific needs of each community, as part of a national strategy to reduce and then eliminate health disparities based on race, income, and geography.


Comprehensive Care

Every medically-necessary service and product must be covered by insurance.

People wearing winter clothing march in support of Medicare and Medicaid and carry signs in support or opposing certain politicians.

Our History

Since 2007, our vision has been to build a movement that is big, strong, and diverse, to transform our health care system so that all people have access to quality health care.

We’ve grown to include organizations and individuals all across the state, and as we’ve grown, our programming and leadership have expanded in scope. We partner with multi-issue statewide organizations and health-focused local organizations to harness the power of people to work together and achieve our vision for Missouri, and for the nation.

Meet the Team

Our Staff

Nomachot Adiang smiles broadly while sitting outside on a bench and posing for a photo.

Nomachot Adiang
Senior Organizer, based in Kansas City

Nomachot Adiang immigrated from South Sudan to Missouri as a child and has found her home in Kansas City. She is passionate about building up and supporting her community, and you’ll likely catch her at any number of community events in her free time. No matter where you find her, expect that Nomachot’s nails will always be on point.

Kalina Irving smiles while standing outside to pose for a photo.

Kalina Irving
Operations & Development Manager, based in St. Louis

Kalina Irving grew up in the St. Louis region, going to Mizzou for both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Art History and Archaeology. She is passionate about using her vast administrative skills, and love of color coding and numbers, to help MHCFA communicate and advance its mission to both local and state-wide audiences. When she is not making a list or utilizing her large collection of sticky notes, she is either enjoying dinner on a patio or perfecting her artistry of makeup.

Chloe Owens smiles while leaning against a brick wall to pose for a photo.

Chloe Owens
Communications & Storytelling Director, based in St. Louis

Chloe Owens is a St. Louis transplant with a passion for storytelling. She is dedicated to creating art that communicates what matters most to her. When she's not drawing, painting, or designing, you'll find her cooking a fabulous meal or dancing it out to anything Beyoncé.

Dennis McDonald smiles slightly while sitting outside and posing for a photo.

Dennis McDonald
Data Manager & Senior Organizer, based in Jefferson County

Dennis is a lifelong Jefferson County resident dedicated to making sure everyone has health care. He was a storyteller for MHCFA while teaching without healthcare before joining the organization as a full time organizer. He spends way too much time playing videogames, or messing around with computers for fun. Dennis lived in the Medicaid gap for 10 years and believes it’s shameful that so many people were hurt by the lack of action on the part of our legislature.

Sarah Willey smiles widely while standing outside and posing for a photo.

Sarah Willey
Interim Executive Director, based in St. Louis

Sarah Willey is a lifelong Missourian whose goal in life is to leave the world a better place than she found it. She has a master’s degree in Nonprofit Management and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration. When she isn’t working or studying, you can find her hiking and enjoying nature or relaxing with a good book surrounded by her four cats at home.

KJ McDonald smiles while standing in front of a brick wall and posing for a photo.

KJ McDonald
Organizing Director, based in Joplin

KJ McDonald resides on the border of Southwest Missouri and Southeast Kansas and is passionate about engaging with her community. She enjoys intellectual conversations about intersectional feminism, dismantling capitalism and white supremacy, and psychology. In her free time, she enjoys working in her garden with her dogs, playing Dungeons and Dragons, crafting, camping, or playing in a nearby body of water.

Board of Directors


Cheryl Unterschutz,
Central Missouri Community Action, Columbia

Karen Bradshaw,
Vice President
St. Louis Integrated Health Network, St. Louis

Emma Crocker,
Vice President
CHIPS Health and Wellness Center, St. Louis

Jennifer Moorehouse,
Forward Together in Action,
St. Louis

Samantha Clemons Long,
ELI Directional Drilling, Eureka

At-Large Members

Rabbi Doug Alpert
Congregation Kol Ami, Kansas City

Lexi Amos
MO Jobs with Justice, Springfield

Rhonda Beene
United Health Group, Lee’s Summit

Donald Clarke
Community Leader, Joplin

Patricia Clinton
Community Leader, Kansas City

Stephen Eisele
FleishmanHillard, St. Louis

Rebecca Goldstein
Medtronic, St. Louis

Aaron Griffin
SEMO Health Network, Matthews

Julia López
Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis

Shannel Reed
Community Leader, St. Louis